Achuth Hadnoor

Hi! You can call me Achuth.

Achuth Hadnoor is a self-taught Designer, Developer, Maker. Currently, he works at DBS. he is known for his applications, beautiful designs and the drive to hustle.

Achuth’s proudest achievement is his applications hit #1 twice on producthunt. During the pendamic he created a time-lapse screen recording app that helps 1000+ creators to make instant time-lapse of their digital work and share them on platforms like youtube 20X faster.

Achuth believes in becoming 1% better every day. His bucket list is to build an indie product and impact 1B people by making tools for creators accessible to everyone in the world.

When Achuth is not working, he makes pencil art, write poems and travel photography. You can find Achuth on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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