My collection of some randome links 😝.

adobe after
What is Serverless
Build a To-Do List JAMstack Application | Cloudflare Workers
Slack | notify | ccode
Slack API: Applications | ccode Slack
Building a Snipping Tool with Electron, React and Node.js – Quantizd
the secret behind great copywriting
Build Stages: Deploying to GitHub Releases - Travis CI
@expo/vector-icons directory
electron icons
Teampaper — deliver designs faster
DMG installer for electron app | Christian Engvall
achuthhadnoor/stack - master
(1) React Js tutorial - upload file example - YouTube
Visual identity and UI/UX for Adversus — web-based dialer and CRM
GetFileOptions | blockstack.js 19.4.0-beta.1 Library Reference
envelop-web/with_file.js at b9fec09dec4a054463cd089aa487b5763559c0b3 · envelop-app/envelop-web
splitwise clone
Walling - A Better Way to Organize Ideas
Done. Minimalist To-do app for macOS
presentation_-_p1.png (1440×9567)
presentation_-_p2.png (1440×12648)
vuepouch/ at master · sadick254/vuepouch
vrajroham/vue-circle-progress: A Vue.js component to draw animated circular progress bars
GeoffZhu/vue-event-calendar: A simple events calendar for Vue2, no dependencies except Vue2.
4b517644389359.58113d346c04a.jpg (1400×9721)
b723a836177587.5712244285ea6.jpg (1400×4625)
56bfcf33166863.56a5d574ce591.jpg (1400×1580)
6da14b33166863.56a5d9a41f747.jpg (1400×2132)
We Craft Apps - Web & mobile agency in Nantes
b7c8f244389359.58113d34afdec.jpg (1400×2503)
0c8b3444389359.58131a8dbc7e7.gif (1400×981)
SW Toolbox
wireframing_cookingapp.png (800×600)
404.png (800×600)
iphone_white_copy_7.png (800×600)
task-manager.png (800×600)
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K2dcnOtEEEh0n1T6GsmN7tm_D3wmBeDsRqcwAZhmePiVovV8kf00hAI14bZDrmoKuL4=h900-rw (534×900)
F5PBS9q_USxtrzVSiXhzw63GGNxQIvpZechAUlIATRZkQKfCNIkoZDAKv0w5j2weEcs=h900-rw (534×900)
3G-PdCQLWAc-cb6lKHk3thYIMDe7Mh2K72Ki8CJlibYRjwUXya9VQsOeVzMDdCe21g=h900-rw (534×900)
KIZvM3Xlj4CF4rXOoirNi26O3rhjVN_B_16NAUUJOmuq-uYnww5pRGi_o3roX9homA=h900-rw (534×900)
intercom-inbox2-2x.jpg (1920×840)
Mapbox API Documentation
mapbox/mapbox-sdk-js: A node.js and browser JavaScript client to Mapbox services
meteor-factory/react-native-tinder-swipe-cards: Tinder-like swipe cards for your React Native app
Offline First Apps with React Native and Redux | Rational App Development
Osedea/react-native-offline-first-example: Example App using best practices for React Native offline (InstaMeow) presented at React Native EU 2017
Notifications in expo
react-native-circular-progress/ at master · bgryszko/react-native-circular-progress
React Native: Nine Animation Screencast Tutorials – codeburst
useHooks - Easy to understand React Hook recipes
Building Design Systems With React
So what’s this GraphQL thing I keep hearing about? –
getUserMedia() -> ImageCapture demo
Face Detection in Images Demo w/ overlay on canvas
The Physical Web
Programming Guide - Google Docs
Programming trivia - Google Sheets
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Design for Startup
SEO: The Free Beginner’s Guide From Moz
eddydn/AndroidCustomKeyboard: Full source code Android Custom Keyboard
Sending Emails with the Gmail JavaScript API — SitePoint
Mastering Your Inbox with the Gmail JavaScript API — SitePoint
frisbeefish/nimblerx-gmail: This is a ES6, ReactJS, Gmail API web app that lets you read your inbox and compose emails. This is just a toy.
State Management with React Hooks and Context API in 10 lines of code!
FlutterExampleApps/ at master · iampawan/FlutterExampleApps
Tempo - The email client for Mac that helps you focus
Implement Tree view component with ReactJS and Styled-Components
Corentin Bac - Front-end Developer
100 Best Mobile App Interaction on Behance
TUI - Travellr - a friend of mine
Time Tracking and Invocing tool for freelancers | Trackly
SnippetsLab - The missing code snippets manager
Royalty free images, photos, and graphics | Adobe Stock
Illustrations | unDraw
Learn React.js - Full Course for Beginners - Tutorial 2019 - YouTube
UBI Online Registration
mishk0/slack-bot-api: Simple way to control your Slack Bot
Real Time Messaging API | Slack
Sindre Sorhus
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Your generated favicon
react-tag-input-1nelrc - StackBlitz
react-ace-editor - npm
react-ace/ at master · securingsincity/react-ace
Reactjs Tags Component
Running GUI Applications inside Docker Containers – Saravanan Sundaramoorthy – Medium
dailyhack/index.js at master · mddanishyusuf/dailyhack
Setup React Native App on Cloud9 – Ozcan Ovunc – Medium
aksonov/react-native-router-flux: The first declarative React Native router
How to use Outlook REST APIs in a JavaScript single-page app | Microsoft Docs
Outstanding minimalist apps for your Mac
puppeteer-full-page-screenshot/index.js at master · morteza-fsh/puppeteer-full-page-screenshot
Bolt | The easiest way to collect design feedback Easiest Way to Leave Feedback on Digital Content
Pastel | Fastest visual website feedback tool for web designers, developers and agencies
Red Pen
Userback | Customer Feedback, Annotation & Bug Tracking Tool
Free website annotation tool for web developers, designers | zipBoard
Visual Feedback Tool | Usersnap
Visual Feedback, Annotation & Bug Tracking Tool | BugHerd
Visual bug reporting and feedback tool ·
Email Integration - Bug Tracking & Visual Feedback Tool | Marker
Visual website feedback tools (examples and how they work) - Saber Feedback
nootiz. The visual feedback tool
What actually is CSS-in-JS?. CSS-in-JS refers to a collection of… | by Oleg Isonen | DailyJS | Medium
Marketing_Product_Kairn_Full2x.jpg (1536×1037),1037
Creating a React-based Electron application with electron-webpack | by Uday Hiwarale | JsPoint | Medium
UglifyJS 3: Online JavaScript minifier
Gumroad - Lapse
Bereket Semagn
Snipcode | Instantly save todos,bookmarks,screenshots
Snippy | Instantly save todos,bookmarks,screenshots
Designer developer
Apptorium – Here we create your Mac apps - Better Software for the Mac
Collecta — Capture and organize your inspiration
rendezvous with cassidoo
CookieHub - Cookie Consent Management Platform (CMP)
Pock: Widgets manager for MacBook Touch Bar
Stack is a smart browser for internet multitaskers. Manage all your social media, messaging, e-mailing, and productivity apps from one place! | Stack
Polypane, The Browser For Building.
responsively-org/responsively-app: A modified web browser that helps in responsive web development. A web developer's must have dev-tool.
ipcRenderer | Electron
On-demand front-end development - FastJam
VEED grow
Late Checkout - a Substack by Greg Isenberg
Demo widget - Upvoty
Product · Nolt
Feature Monkey
Tipe: Powerful Headless CMS for Next.js Apps
Electron Builder Action · Actions · GitHub Marketplace
Publish - electron-builder
Releases · achuthhadnoor/lapse
Mobile DevCast | A podcast dedicated to mobile app development
Muzzle - silence embarrassing notifications
Numb STUN/TURN Server
Using Capacitor with Ionic - Capacitor
The Easiest Way for Web Developers to Build Mobile Apps - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Amrit Pal Singh | 3D Illustrations and Design Assets
Dan Rowden - Product builder
Enulus - Clockit
Turing - Build Faster Than Ever With Vetted Remote Developers
iOS | Doo – Get Things Done
Home - Kushagra Gour- Creativity freak!
Jan Losert | Product Designer & Webflow Expert
Brian Lovin
Spec · Level Up
Luke Oslizlo
Tabbs: Navigate Chrome tabs like a pro
Product Designer in San Francisco - Moe Amaya
Feature Monkey | Customer Feedback Management Tool
Achuth Hadnoor – Developer, writer, maker.
Writing | Q
Homepage - KosmoTime
KosmoTime - To Do List with Super Powers— SPRINTS & DISTRACTION BLOCKING | Product Hunt
Bookshelf - Mihai Serban
ImageOptim HTTP API for optimization on web servers
Background jobs on vercel
HTTPie – command-line HTTP client for the API era
captur/build at master · achuthhadnoor/captur
Want to Be More Productive? Try Doing Less.
The Frontend Developer Career Path
Building the Tailwind Blog with Next.js – Tailwind CSS
Sign In - Apple
Applications |
Apply to be a Careero Mentor
Buttondown - jamstackfns
Coursera | Online Courses & Credentials From Top Educators. Join for Free | Coursera
How I earned $16K in 48 hours with my SaaS launch (Detailed breakdown)
PoseNet - Camera Feed Demo
Storybook for React tutorial | Storybook Tutorials
Learn Next.js – A free video course on React and Next.js.
Projects - Miguel Piedrafita
I build my ideas from Jordan Singer
GG| - Video Game Collection Tracker
Stack — Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Vidy Thatte (vidy)
Lee Robinson – Developer, writer, creator.
Kyler Phillips - Product Designer
Rameerez Startup Studio
Chethan KVS - Digital Product Designer
Just JavaScript — a course by Dan Abramov and Maggie Appleton
Big Human | A Digital Product Studio That Goes Beyond
The Browser Company
Electron Screen Capture Tutorial
react-figma-plugin-ds/src at master · alexandrtovmach/react-figma-plugin-ds
hovancik/stretchly: break time reminder app
Blake Robbins
Adobe XD Playoff: Design. Rebound. Win! by Adobe XD on Dribbble
commandly/src at master · achuthhadnoor/commandly
GetStream/Winds: A Beautiful Open Source RSS & Podcast App Powered by
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Just a moment...
Apple - Find Locations
DWorkS - Microstartup and Opensource apps
Abap associate
SAP ABAP Development for HANA
SAP ABAP Development
How to Study for the GRE in Two Months - Kaplan Test Prep
How to Design a Better Pitch Deck
The YC Seed Deck Template
Prerequisites and Prework  |  Machine Learning Crash Course  |  Google Developers
Uptime Robot
Studio - Klopal – Startup Studio
eFounders • We build the future of work
wildcard-subdomains/ at master · patmood/wildcard-subdomains
Introduction · GitBook
Introduction · Vuex
Project Structure · GitBook
QurateInc/vue-pouch-db: Vue Pouch DB is a VueJS Plugin that binds PouchDB with Vue and keeps a synchronised state with the database. Has support for Mango queries which are processed locally within the VuePouchDB state.
hiyali/vue-smooth-picker: 🏄🏼 A SmoothPicker for Vue 2 (like iOS native datetime picker )
Vue.js 2 Quickstart Tutorial 2017 – Blog – Medium
surmon-china/vue-awesome-swiper: 🏆 Swiper component for Vue.
User-switchable custom themes with Vue.js - Stack Overflow
Dmitry Belyaev | Frontend Developer
Vue-infinite-loading: An infinite scroll plugin for Vue.js!/getting-started
Insomnia’s Active Customers on Baremetrics
Hybrid Platform Setup: Cordova + Vue + WebPack – ITNEXT
Vue.js Kanban Board: The Development Process
Offline webapp guide
Build complete RSS feed reader app - Front-end with Vue.js, Vuex & Element UI - QCode
Liquor Tree
the-notifier/index.js at master · TheWebDevel/the-notifier
Building an HTML template generator with tailwind.css
How we built Twitter Lite | Twitter Blogs
app8.gif (800×600)
text-animation3.gif (800×600)
Y Combinator Funding Application
vuejs/awesome-vue: A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js
JavaScript OCR demo
Food Composition Databases Show API Help
The Essential Guide to Growing Your Early-Stage SaaS Startup
Vue-infinite-loading: An infinite scroll plugin for Vue.js!/properties
You don't need a growth hacker
Artboard_Copy_2x.png (1600×1200)
Dribbble - Show and tell for designers
30 Seconds of CSS
Fetchfeed - Hot Videos, Memes, GIFs and Breaking News
How to Research Your Business Idea -
Building a Bookmarking App with Electron, VueJs, and Firebase | coligo
eva-icons/ at master · akveo/eva-icons
Creating email templates with React components : Assertible
Productivity Apps -
Implement Paypal in React Native without back-end - Tonynguyenit - Medium
Electron Release workflow for GitHub Actions
hazel/ at master · zeit/hazel
leo/electron-next: Build Electron apps using Next.js
Next.js + Styled Components The Really Simple Guide ▲ + 💅 - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Tools to help with your new startup - Startup with Google
Swirrl Blog | Creating Asynchronous, Embeddable JavaScript Widgets
Send SMS with NodeJS and Twilio API
Supernova Studio
Shahid Shaikh
GRE revised General Test: Khan Academy Free Test Preparation
Cronhub - Painless Cron Monitoring Tool
Post a new project - Squeek
Notority - Take the control of your reputation | Online customer review | Review generation | Review management
New Post —
Creating a Side Project - 8 Stages, 43 Strategies & 59 Tools.pdf - Google Drive
I built a Progressive Web App and published it in 3 app stores. Here’s what I learned.
Create a chrome plugin with Python – Python Tutorial
Westworld - Season 1 | Watch Westworld - Season 1 FULL Free Online HD | CMOVIESHD.COM
Snipper landing
Tata Sky Dhamaka Pack – 220+ Channels plus One Free Regional Pack
8x6musico.jpg (800×600)
Plasso – SaaS
Teamweek: Free Visual Resource Planning, Team Calendar
flowmagic | Very simple payment and time tracking tool for freelancers
Kreativa Studio - dashX
Free Vector Line Icons (SVG, PNG, PSD, CSH, EPS, Icon Font and more)
Launch Feed
Building a Site in 24 Hours and Growing it to +$2M/Year
rss link
An Anonymous Pen on CodePen
Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter | Udacity
A thread written by @wimgz
Building a Chrome Extension Using React – Gil Fink – Medium
Takeaways on Building a React Based App with Electron - The Stream Blog
How Stream Built a Modern RSS Reader With JavaScript - Stream Tech Stack | StackShare
The Engine That Powers Winds 🚂 - The Stream Blog
How to do this in Flutter?
segmentio/create-next-app: Create Next.js apps in one command
Building a Node.js Powered API with Express, Mongoose & MongoDB
Building a RSS Viewer With Vue: Part 1 | CSS-Tricks
The Road to React with Firebase
Unubo - Refined startup metrics
360 Degree Tour - GraphQL API | GraphQL 360
Emoji CSS
HOW TO GET RICH IN EUROPEAN TECH: These Guys Clone US Startups In Europe And Then Sell Them To The US Companies - Business Insider
The 25 best new productivity apps for 2019
Dashboard -
WebGL Fluid Simulation
Works: Portfolio of Design Projects and Case Studies | Tubik Studio
gl particle sns icons.
Instagram python bot
backend api
The Winds 2.0 Stack
touchbar support :P
Tempo - The email client for Mac that helps you focus
Inyo Personal Assistant for freelancers
mac p1
(22) Detailed Step by Step Guide to install macOs Sierra on Any Dell Laptop - YouTube
Software versioning - Wikipedia
A thread written by @QuinnyPig: "For every retweet this gets, I will add an Uncomfortable @awscloud Truth to the [...]"
The Making of "The Aviator": Animating a Basic 3D Scene with Three.js | Codrops
Extension Workshop | Firefox Extension Workshop. Make the web do what you want. If you can dream it, our open souce API and your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills can make it happen.
100 example UX problems - UX Collective
Watch Ghostbusters Movie Free Online - SolarMovie
Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool: skilled immigrants (Express Entry)
Create Chrome Extension in React - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Building a Personal Site with Gatsby Part 3: Generating Blog Posts with Markdown Files | Denny Tek
12f327a3dcd7b276944b07e0b9ea2e5b.png (1600×1200)
illustration-progress@2x-0b1c3f451ee4a879968130db954e4ede.png (1024×666)
illustration-mood@2x-d2932f9df2320bc943248fdc1ddc8bee.png (1024×703)
illustration-history@2x-864241866db2f9048950f1e5887b1dca.png (1024×835)
Tangerine - A simple and beautiful habit and mood tracking app | Product Hunt
Joyster App
Tangerine | Habit and mood tracking app
Build a React Calendar Component from scratch - Programming with Mosh
Sync your React Native SQLite database between devices with Dropbox – Bruce Lefebvre
Habit Tracker App on Behance
Add a splash screen to a React Native app - Appstud - Medium
How to show Ads in React Native? - DEV
dribbble-inpursuit.png (1600×1200)
Things Pull-to-search - “Can it be done in React Native?” - YouTube
react-ui-kit/dribbble2react: Transform Dribbble designs to React-Native code | Shop UI Kit >>
fireship-io/223-electron-screen-recorder: Episode 223 - Build a Screen Recorder with Electron
Kairn (2020) • eFounders
mansern/offline-first-demo: ReactJS offline-first fully working demo application
About Us - Grant Thornton International Ltd.
Master (2021) HDRip Telugu (Original Version) Full Movie Watch Online Free | Movierulz